Volagi Cycles

Volagi Cycles

Volagi Cycles is a US company founded by experienced bicycle engineers Robert Choi, Barley Forsman along with Susan Forsman. In addition to their profession they are fans of brevets (ultra-distance racing).

Therefore their first model Liscio is a road bike dedicated to the needs of long-distance cyclists.
This disposition is shown in several details, i.e. a geometry with tall head tube, possibility to fit wider tires and mud guards and a frame that's designed to absorb vibrations.

The second model Viaje has been introduced 2013. The Viaje is based on a steel- or titanium frame and does use the same comfort oriented design as the Liscio. But the Viaje is extremly versatile and can be build up as road bike, gravel grinder, fast randonneur or commuter bike. To do so is helps to be able to fit up to 42 mm wide tires, mudguards and luggage carrier. No matter if with flat or drop down bar the Viaje does always shine.

Since 2011 Volagi opts for disc brakes only. The reason for this is not the maximum brake force possible but to have a constant brake power under any condition and to enhances modulation.

Import to Germany is done as frame set only. Assembling the roadworthy bike can be done by you or by HPV-parts.de.

All pictures and technical descriptions permitted by Volagi. Copyright: Volagi LLC, USA


The patent-pending LongBow Flex™ stay is a radical departure from the norm. Volagi separated the seat stays from the seat tube and lengthened it to maximize the carbon fibers inherent ability to absorb road vibrations. They then optimized the shape and carbon layup of each stay. This further enhances the ability to flex vertically while remaining stiff horizontally for control and efficient power transfer.
- Patent pending LongBow flex stay design with maximum vibration absorbing technology
- Vertical compliance (5.5 mm/kN) for smoother ride, reducing rider fatigue
- Inverted oval stay with extended strut design to increase control and promote efficient power transfer
The result is that Volagi bikes are smooth over the long haul, but quick and nimble up and down the hills.

A more balanced position improves performance over distance and over a period of time. Volagi designed a slightly longer head tube to optimize rider position to endure mile after mile.
- Tapered tube design for stiffness and control
- Allows better fit and position for comfort.

Due to our change of product range articles (frame sets and wheels) will be offered with distinct discount.

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(frame size: 55 cm, colour: schwarz/weiß)

Volagi Liscio Carbon frame set comprised out of frame, fork, headset and seat post.

Old price 1,930.08 €
879.00 / set(s) *

In stock
can be shipped within 2-4 days

Wheelset Enlight102 with aluminium rim, 24 resp. 28 butted spokes and PD-8 hub dynamo, compatible with Shimano 10 and 11-speed

379.00 / set(s) *

In stock
can be shipped within 2-4 days

Geometry table of Liscio frame set

Enlight101 front wheel for disc brake, 28 mm high aluminium rim, 28 butted spokes and PD-8 hub dynamo

198.00 / set(s) *

In stock
can be shipped within 2-4 days

CNC machined derailleur hanger for Volagi Liscio2

28.90 *

In stock
can be shipped within 2-4 days

Freehub body for Ignite VL and several other wheels, Campy 11- and 12-speed 

47.90 *

In stock
can be shipped within 2-4 days

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carbon frame set to create your comfort oriented road bike for marathons and long distance rides

wheel sets

wheel sets

All wheel sets are designed to be used with disc brakes only. Therefore there is no brake surface on the rims and the hubs are disc ready.