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BRAKING® presents the evolution of their top-range INCAS 2.0 braking system. Always MADE IN ITALY, always designed for E-Bike - DH - Enduro - Cross Country.

main features

- possibility to customize the system using different diameters of the master cylinder, 9 or 10 mm
- high hydraulic ratio
- master cylinder and caliper machined from billet and CNC machined with high quality finishing
- brake’s hose passages and pads replacement operations optimized
- about 90 g lighter than previous version
- new 5.0 mm kevlar braided hose, black
- new pads with a wider braking surface

brake lever

The brake lever has been developed to separate the mechanical function from the hydraulic.

An innovative system of interchangeable hydraulic cylinder cartridges containing different-sized pistons. The different diameters allow users to vary the amount of brake fluid moved by the piston and/or the speed/pressure at which the fluid is moved.

The mechanic of this lever can be adjusted regardless of the piston position, to get the ergonomics perfectly tailored to the rider. The piston position can be adjusted to reduce the lever stroke.


Caliper machined from billet and CNC machined in order to obtain a higher level of surface and structural strength, with the purpose of functioning at higher working pressures.
The diameter of the caliper pistons are 26 mm. Which allows for an effective and powerful brake with optimal feeling and control for the rider.


- 9 mm master cylinder - higher hydraulik ratio = more travel, less hand force
10 mm master cylinder - lower hydraulik ratio = brake does feel harder but required more hand force
- 5,7 mm oversize steelflex hose
- ​5,0 mm steelflex hose
- ​5,0 mm Kevlar reinforced hose

Some versions are readily available, please inquire by email or phone.

scope of delivery

- brake system for front and rear wheel, prefilled
- carbo-metallic brake pads
- copper seals
- bleeding adapter
​- manual

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