About us

About us

For nearly 30 years I am a keen cyclist and bicycle technican. During this time I have had a classic bike shop for more than 10 years. There I sold and build high quality bicycles.

As often as possible I get on one of my bikes to explore new areas or countries. Beside a classic randonneur, a recumbent, a tandem or road bike will be used.

HPV-parts.de has been established to work as a reliable supplier for parts and accessories related to Human Powered Vehicles (HPV). All products offered have been carefully selected with high quality in mind. Beside classical parts you will find Innovations with high usability.

Because of this HPV-parts.de does offer a variation of not to ordinary parts. The product range stretches over direct imported articles like Co-Motion, Rolf Prima Wheel Systems, Monkey Mirrors and Roll Recovery to historical components.

Please let me know your special enquiries. I will do my very best to find a solution for you.

Some words about social media: Regularely you will find me within the german language news groups www.rennrad-news.de and www.quaeldich.de. There I do offer advice and try to be helpful.
As I do appreciate your privacy and Facebook, Google+, … do not allow there users to keep control about there data, I will keep clear of this.

Oliver Nekola