ROLL Recovery

ROLL Recovery

The story: ROLL Recovery was founded in Boulder, Colorado with one major goal… To design and build revolutionary products to help athletes recover faster and perform at there highest level.

Runner and cyclist, Jeremy Nelson, was unsatisfied with the massage and recovery products available for endurance athlets. He became dedicated to developing a tool that was the best on the market. Concept sketches in a notebook evolved to a house full of hardware, springs, wheels and prototypes. Luckily, his wife, professional marathoner, Adriana Nelson, didn't mind the mess and eagerly tried and tested every prototype. The designs were narrowed down, refined and one clear winner arose. The R8.

ROLL Recovery is driven by the endurance athletes who push themselves further than they knew was possible.

This video shows how the R8 is used.


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ROLL Recovery R8

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SuperPlush Insert for ROLL Recovery R8

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ROLL Recovery R3

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ROLL Recovery R4

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New ROLL Recovery R8 Plus

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New ROLL Recovery R1

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